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HAZOPtimizer 7.0 Now Available

PHAs: Simplifying Recording of Findings and Follow-up Tracking

October 31, 2011

ioMosaic is proud to release HAZOPtimizer™ 7.0! HAZOPtimizer is process hazard analysis (PHA) documentation software that simplifies recording of findings and tracking of follow-up from PHAs.

This latest version features multiple language support (Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Dutch, in addition to English), security vulnerability analysis methodology and the ability to centralize and manage PHAs for multiple facilities with ioXpress™.

Security vulnerability analysis (SVA) has been required for high-risk industrial facilities since 9/11. You can now perform SVAs using HAZOPtimizer, which includes templates consisting of multiple tools and protocols from various industry organizations.

Our improved centralization process allows you to manage PHAs from multiple facilities in one location using ioXpress. Users can access reports, track recommendations, monitor the progress of PHAs, maintain timelines and implement recommendations.

We have also updated the Study Template to support a maximum of 999 items for each study instead of the previous 99 items. This allows users with many deviations or checklists to keep all data in one worksheet.

HAZOPtimizer eliminates the need for any special application software when working with PHA results. The learning curve for documentation is virtually non-existent, because of the use of standard Microsoft Excel functions. HAZOPtimizer will make it easier to comply with codes and standards that require PHAs, such as OSHA PSM, EPA RMP and NFPA 654. learn more about HAZOPtimizer.


  • Fully adaptable for up to a 6x6 risk-ranking matrix
  • User-defined Checklist/“What-If” template
  • Attendance sheet for tracking participant’s attendance by study section; auto-populated to match number of sections in study
  • Auto-population of risk ranking based on frequency and consequences
  • Automatically renumbers scenarios when lines are added or deleted
  • Auto-generates action tracking sheets/summary report, including automatic sorting by risk ranking or operability
  • Pre-startup safety review included as checklist option
  • Different templates and methodologies within a single PHA
  • Default phrases to simplify recording
  • Auto-generated table of contents to speed report writing
  • Automatically formats all worksheets for printing
  • Action items can be readily imported and tracked in ioXpress

ioMosaic offers a comprehensive software platform for process safety, engineering data management and compliance assurance. Programs include:

  • ioXpress™: A customizable enterprise knowledge management solution that can manage all of your engineering, plant and PSM data; includes visual workflow for management of change, incident investigation and more
  • ioAuditor™: Records results of any type of audit, including process safety management and risk management plan compliance audits
  • SuperChems™ Expert: An advanced tool for evaluating relief and flare systems and conducting consequence and quantitative risk analyses
  • ioLogic™: Create and edit fault trees for any purpose using our highly intuitive visual interface; includes SIL/SIS templates
  • ioVu™: Draw piping isometrics and automatically generate piping diagrams from SuperChems
  • ioFirst™: Prioritize the order in which PHAs are conducted

All programs can be fully integrated with ioXpress.

ioMosaic Corporation is the leading provider of safety and risk management consulting services, training and software solutions.

For more information, please visit us at www.ioiq.com, contact us at sales@iomosaic.com or call 603.893.7009.