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SuperChems 6.4 is Now Available

June 18,2012

ioMosaic is pleased to announce the release of SuperChems Version 6.4. In addition to bug fixes, this release features several major enhancements:

  • Faster simulation of interlinked flowsheet dynamics: By implementing an adaptive data points collection and automatic data thinning, modeling of interconnected equipment is now a factor of 5-8 times faster than previous versions. Data arrays are dynamically sized, which significantly reduces memory allocation requirement and enhances the simulation performance without compromising on the accuracy of results.
  • Vessel wall dynamics: This key enhancement allows the vessel object to be segmented into multiple zones. By breaking down into zones, heat conduction across a wall and detailed energy balances between zones can be simulated. Gas condensations are automatically accounted for. In case of vessel depressurization, this feature allows users to evaluate the dominant heat transfer mechanism and the corresponding impact on vessel integrity.
  • Parallel piping layouts for gas vessel: The gas vessel model can now account for the dynamics of multiple complete piping layouts connected to the vessel.
  • Sound power levels (SPLs) are included for all piping models and gas headers: SPLs are fully integrated along the complete piping layout with segment-by-segment breakdown. Depending on the method used, the recommended SPL limit criteria are established based on pipe size and piping material along the pipe layout. Vibration risks are highlighted as the calculated SPLs exceed the recommended limit criteria.
  • Global user warning limits: Users now can specify various criteria and limits to trigger warnings for vibration risks, structural support, and relief systems. In addition, accuracy and tolerance criteria are also made available for VLE flash blocks and pipe models.

ioMosaic is committed to providing the gold standard tool for pressure relief and flare systems design, chemical reactivity management, and quantitative risk analysis. To find out more about SuperChems Expert or other ioMosaic software products, please visit us at www.iomosaic.com.

About SuperChems

SuperChems Expert is a versatile software tool that is used by hundreds of users worldwide. This software provides an integrated platform for:

  • Pressure relief and Flare Systems Evaluation
  • Risk Based Inspection
  • Facility Siting
  • Fixed facilities and Pipelines Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)
  • Chemical Reactivity Management
  • Fault Tree and SIS/SIL analysis with ioLOGIC
  • Consequence Analysis

SuperChems Expert offers a variety of well validated models for single/multi-phase reacting flow, dispersion analysis, droplet dynamics, fire, and explosion dynamics. All models in SuperChems are true multi-component models with support for petroleum fractions and mixture toxicity.

In addition, SuperChems provides several power productivity tools including:

  • Advanced reporting and data lifecycle management with ioXpress
  • Failure rates database
  • Thermodynamic and physical properties database for more than 2,800 components with complete property estimation tools
  • Reactivity Expert

To find out more about SuperChems Expert or other ioMosaic software products, please visit us at www.iomosaic.com to learn more or to schedule on online web demonstration.