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iOiQ, LLC Announces Release and Immediate Availability of ioLogic™ Fault Tree Analysis Software Version 2.1

For Immediate Release
Salem, New Hampshire, March 18, 2009

iOiQ, the leader in safety and risk management software, announced today the release of ioLogic™ version 2.1. ioLogic™ is a visual fault tree tool for conducting risk assessments. Based on Microsoft Visio it allows the user to create, edit, and draw fault trees with minimal effort. In addition, ioLogic performs all of the tedious fault tree mathematics, including mixed probability and frequency calculations, Boolean reduction, and cut sets. ioLogic™ also includes specialized templates for safety integrity level (SIL) Analysis.

ioLogic™ is the ideal tool for anyone who needs to conduct fault tree analysis as part of a quantitative risk assessment or safety integrity level (SIL) verification of safety instrumented functions or systems to comply with the ISA84 Standard. This standard has been identified by OSHA as a recognized and generally accepted good industry practice for compliance with Process Safety Management. The user can perform and visualize SIL analysis using ioLogic™ virtual templates and pre-programmed options.

ioLogic™ is a unique software package that makes it easy to create and edit fault trees for any purpose. It’s so simple to use that you will be drawing fault trees in minutes. ioLogic offers a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWIG) graphical user interface that instantly generates compact, pleasing new layouts whenever a user edits the tree. Commands for pruning, cloning, and grafting simplify the creation and editing of individual symbols or entire branches. ioLogic handles all the labor-intensive drafting of the tree, allowing users to concentrate on critical logic issues. A full range of options makes it simple to customize the appearance and arrangement of fault trees.

ioLogic™ will pay for itself quickly through significant productivity improvement in constructing and quantifying fault trees. ioLogic™ version 2.1 is available at the following introductory pricing and can be ordered from this link:


All iOiQ software products are sub-licensed and supported by ioMosaic Corporation.

For more information on how ioLogic can help you save time and money, please contact: sales@iomosaic.com